Exactly about : the actual legacy of Trudeau’s refugee program that is syrian

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Exactly about : the actual legacy of Trudeau’s refugee program that is syrian

“Man who overcome spouse stated he didn’t understand it had been against law,” read a headline that is recent this new Brunswick Telegraph Journal.

The man – Mohamad Rafia, A syrian refugee – didn’t simply beat their spouse, he overcome her with a hockey stick. For around 30 minutes.

Rafia told a Fredericton court it was a crime in Canada to beat your wife with a hockey stick for half an hour that he didn’t know.

After the assault, Rafia’s spouse had been taken up to a hospital that is local initially lied to safeguard her spouse. She later on unveiled which he overcome her with a hockey stick – for half one hour – pulled her locks, hit her when you look at the face and threatened to destroy her.

Rafia ended up being charged and pleaded bad to assault causing harm that is bodily uttering threats. He had been sentenced to eight times in prison plus one of probation year.

This shocking and annoying story failed to make nationwide media, nevertheless the Telegraph Journal gives the startling details.

Rafia had been a independently sponsored refugee whom found its way to Canada a lot more than 14 months ago along with his wife and kids. He talked into the court in Arabic along with his latin brides testimony ended up being translated via an interpreter.

“He wasn’t conscious of what the law states in which he had been originating from a back ground in which the legislation are different,” said the interpreter.

“Officials didn’t notify him regarding the variations in what the law states in Canada and that more needs to have been done to coach him,” said the interpreter. “Why didn’t they give an explanation for legislation?”

The battered wife defended her abusive spouse, according to a Fredericton authorities declaration. “Being assaulted by her spouse is culturally accepted (in) the united states they’re from.”

Not merely did these Syrian refugees claim not to understand it had been a criminal activity for a guy going to a hockey stick to his wife, they even defended the abuse and attempted to direct fault onto Canadian officials.

Even Worse is that this wife-beater got away together with criminal activity, and was handed a simple slap from the wrist because of the court that is canadian.

In comparable instances, a international unlawful like Rafia would face deportation. In this situation, nevertheless, because he’s a Syrian refugee and because Canada doesn’t deport people to unsafe nations, we’re stuck with this specific foreign criminal.

That’s why it is so essential that Canada precisely screen and veterinarian refugees before they arrive at Canada. Kellie Leitch’s Canadian values test might have gone a way that is long.

Additionally crazy would be the fact that after having resided in Canada for nearly an . 5, it would appear that mohamed rafia nevertheless does not talk sufficient english in order to state: “i didn’t understand this is a crime. year”

For 15 months, Canadian taxpayers have actually covered Rafia to receive free English classes, in addition to gold-plated health care and welfare benefits, therefore he can attempt to squeeze into Canadian culture.

Rather, he’s brought the worst of his tradition to Canada.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s fast-tracked refugee that is syrian had been designed mainly to virtue-signal and gain good press for the rookie frontrunner. Even though the conventional news swooned over Trudeau’s selfies, both refugees and Canadians were disappointed by Trudeau’s ill-conceived and poorly implemented system.

Now we discover that one of these simple Syrian refugees utilized the iconic sign of Canadian patriotism – the hockey stick – as a gun to create a barbaric mindset towards females to Canada.

A battered spouse and a bloodied hockey stick. That’s the legacy of Trudeau’s Syrian refugee system.